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When She Was Good Philip Roth Audio Compact Disc

When She Was Good   Philip Roth   Audio Compact Disc

When She Was Good Philip Roth Audio Compact Disc

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In this mesmerizing, funny, chilling novel, the setting is a small town in the 1940s Midwest, the subject the heart of a wounded and ferociously moralistic young woman, one of those implacable American moralists whose a oegoodnessa is a terrible disease. When she was still a child, Lucy Nelson had her alcoholic failure of a father thrown in jail. Ever since then she has been trying to reform the men around her, even if that ultimately means destroying herself in the process. With his unerring portraits of Lucy and her hapless, childlike husband, Roy, Roth has created an uncompromising work of fictional realism, a vision of provincial American piety, yearning, and discontent that is at once pitiless and compassionate.

This audio cd is in CD (Compact Disc) arrangement. The AudioBook can be used on Compact Disc players while commuting in your car or in your home. The Audio CD can also be reformed to mp3 format so you can play it on mp3 players like an ipod, iphone, ipad or rockbox enabled audio player. You can listen to these audio books while commuting, driving long distances, on the minibus, or working out.

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