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The Widowers Tale Julia Glass Audio Compact Disc

The Widowers Tale   Julia Glass   Audio Compact Disc

The Widowers Tale Julia Glass Audio Compact Disc

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A rich and suspenseful novel from the award-winning author ofThree JunesandI See You Everywhere. In a quirky farmhouse outside Boston, seventy-year-old Percy Darling enjoys a vigorous but mostly solitary life-until, in a complex scheme to help his oldest daughter through a crisis, he allows a progressive preschool to move into his barn. The abrupt transformation of Percyrs"s rural refuge into a lively, youthful community compels him to reexamine the choices hers"s made since his wifers"s death, three decades ago, in a senseless accident that haunts him still. No longer can he remain aloof from his neighbors, his two grown daughters, or, to his shock, the precarious joy of falling in love. Meanwhile, Percyrs"s beloved grandson Robert, a premed student at Harvard, joins his visionary roommate in a series of environmental "actions" targeting the well-to-do; they begin as pranks but escalate insidiously, with dire consequences for Robertrs"s family and the people around them, including a G...

This audio is in CD (Compact Disc) data format. The AudioBook can be performed on Compact Disc players while motoring in your car or in your home. These Cds can be shifted to dissimilar format like mp3 ogg or FLAC. so you can play it on mp3 players like an ipod, iphone, ipad or rockbox enabled audio player. You can listen to these audio-books while travelling, driving long distances, on the train, or walking for exercise.


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