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The Greatest Speeches of All Time Audio Compact Disc

The Greatest Speeches of All Time   Audio Compact Disc

The Greatest Speeches of All Time Audio Compact Disc

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The Greatest Speeches of All-Time is a compilation of highlights of the most important and well-known speeches of modern times. These are the dramatic words from world leaders that changed the course of history and inspired millions worldwide.This is a compilation of highlights of some of the most well-known speeches of modern times, spanning the years of 1940-1987. Tracks: John F Kennedy: 'Inaugural'; Rev Martin Luther King Jr: I Have A Dream; Richard M Nixon: Watergate Tapes; Harry S Truman: Jefferson-Jackson Day Dinner; Franklin D Roosevelt: Declaration of War; Robert F Kennedy: Democratic Convention; Franklin D Roosevelt: Christmas Eve Address; John F Kennedy: Ich bin ein Berliner; Richard M Nixon: Resignation; Ronald Reagan: Evil Empire; Ronald Reagan: Berlin Wall; General Douglas MacArthur: Farewell Address To Congress; Winston Churchill: First Radio Address As Prime Minister. Approximate running time: 70 minutes.

This audiobook is in CD (Compact Disc) arrangement. The AudioBook can be performed on Compact Disk players while sitting in your car or in your home. It is possible that the CDs can be transformed to other formats so they can be used in mp3 players so you can play it on mp3 players like an ipod, iphone, ipad or rockbox enabled audio player. You can listen to these the audiobook while travelling, driving long distances, on the coach, or working out.


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