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Putting Out of Your Mind Bob Rotella Audio Compact Disc

Putting Out of Your Mind   Bob Rotella   Audio Compact Disc

Putting Out of Your Mind Bob Rotella Audio Compact Disc

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""You drive for show, you putt for dough."" This old adage is especially resonant with Dr. Bob Rotella, the bestselling author of "Golf Is Not a Game of Perfect," and one of the foremost golf authorities today. In "Putting Out of Your Mind," Rotella offers entertaining putting. He reveals the unique mental approach that great putting requires and helps golfers of all levels master this essential skill. Much like "Golf Is Not a Game of Perfect" and "Golf Is a Game of Confidence, Putting Out of Your Mind" is an informative and valuable guide to achieving a better golf game. While most spend their time trying to perfect their swing so they can drive the ball farther, Rotella encourages golfers to concentrate on their putting -- the most crucial yet often overlooked aspect of the game. Great players are not only aware of the importance of putting, they go out of their way to master it, and mastery can only begin with understanding the attitude needed to be a better putter. Rotella's me...

This audio-based is in CD (Compact Disc) composition. The AudioBook can be played on CD players while travelling in your car or in your home. It is possible that the CDs can be transformed to other formats so they can be used in mp3 players so you can play it on mp3 players like an ipod, iphone, ipad or rockbox enabled audio player. You can listen to these cd audio while commuting, driving long distances, on the train, or working out.

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