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Principle Centered Leadership Stephen R. Covey Audio Compact Disc

Principle Centered Leadership   Stephen R. Covey   Audio Compact Disc

Principle Centered Leadership Stephen R. Covey Audio Compact Disc

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In this special reissue of the inspirational audiobook, the author of 'The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People' shows how to apply the seven principles to everyday business decisions to achieve quality, productivity, and profitability.No matter what level of success we have achieved, none of us can be content to stay where we are. In order to harness this drive, this innate desire for progress in all areas, we must learn to center our lives according to a set of certain basic principles. Stephen R. Covey, author of the runaway bestseller The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, tells us how to apply these principles to the problems we face every day. Drawing on his 25 years of teaching and consulting experience, Dr. Covey shows us how to avoid the pitfalls of ineffective people, and at the same time how to meet the goals of all strong business leaders: quality, productivity, profitability and establishing win-win relationships.

This audio book is in CD (Compact Disc) arrangement. The Audio cd can be played on CD players while commuting in your car or in your home. Translation of these Audio cd is obtainable to other formats that can be used in portable audio players so you can play it on mp3 players like an ipod, iphone, ipad or rockbox enabled audio player. You can listen to these the audiobook while commuting, driving long distances, on the mini bus, or mowing the lawn.


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