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Enders Shadow Orson Scott Card Audio Compact Disc

Enders Shadow   Orson Scott Card   Audio Compact Disc

Enders Shadow Orson Scott Card Audio Compact Disc

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The novel that launched the bestselling Ender’ s Shadow series— available for the first time on unabridged cd The human race is at War with the “ Buggers” , an insect-like alien race. As Earth prepares to defend itself from total destruction at the hands of an inscrutable enemy, all focus is on the development of military geniuses who can fight such a war, and win. The long distances of interstellar space have given hope to the defenders of Earth— they have time to train these future commanders up from childhood, forging them into an irresistible force in the high orbital facility called the Battle School. Andrew “ Ender” Wiggin was not the only child in the Battle School; he was just the best of the best. In this new book, Card tells the story of another of those precocious generals, the one they called Bean— the one who became Ender’ s right hand, part of his team, in the final battle against the Buggers. Bean’ s past wa...

This audio cd is in CD (Compact Disc) arrangement. The Talking Book can be listened to on Compact Disc players while travelling in your car or in your home. The Audio CD can also be transformed to mp3 format so you can play it on mp3 players like an ipod, iphone, ipad or rockbox enabled audio player. You can listen to these audio tapes while commuting, driving long distances, on the coach, or weeding the garden.

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