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Death of a Poison Pen M. C. Beaton Audio Compact Disc

Death of a Poison Pen   M. C. Beaton   Audio Compact Disc

Death of a Poison Pen M. C. Beaton Audio Compact Disc

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When the townspeople of the Scottish highland town of Lochdubh begin receiving poison-pen letters, no one takes them seriously. But Hamish, who prides himself on his lack of ambition, fears that they might lead to something deadly. His instincts prove right when the town's postmistress is found hanged with a poison-pen letter at her feet. Hamish suspects this alleged suicide is something more sinister. The last thing he needs is any distractions, but soon Jenny Ogilvie arrives in Lochdubh determined to seduce him. Realizing that she is unable to take Hamish's mind off his case, Jenny decides to do a little investigating of her own. Now Hamish finds himself in a race to solve the mystery of the poison-pen letters before someone else dies, including one likely target - Jenny.

This CD is in CD (Compact Disc) file format. The Audio cd can be performed on CD players while sitting in your car or in your home. Conversion of these Audio cd is accomplishable to other formats that can be used in portable audio players so you can play it on mp3 players like an ipod, iphone, ipad or rockbox enabled audio player. You can listen to these audio cds while travelling, driving long distances, on the mini bus, or working out.

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