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How to convert a CD audiobook to mp3 format

How to convert your CD AudioBook into mp3 format so you can play it on your mp3 player.

For Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 you need to download a "ripping" program that will rip the audio tracks for your CD/DVD drive in your laptop or desktop compuer and convert the audio tracks to mp3 format.

An easy program to use is Freerip, you only need the basic free version which you can download here

Once you have downloaded and installed Freerip you can insert the first CD of your AudioBook and start the ripping process:

ripping cd to mp3 format audiobook

You can see in the about example we are converting a disk of a Harry Potter CD to mp3 format.

You click on the menu on the Rip selection and then choose rip selected tracks to mp3 notice that buy default all the tracks are selected.

The program will then start ripping giving us the next screen:

ripping cd to mp3 format audiobook

and thats it. Give the computer a few minutes and it will rip all the tracks to mp3.

Advantages of having the mp3 files versus buying a version from Audible or iTunes?

You might say why bother with this, why not buy the audiobook on itunes or audible, and then you don't have to do any of this. Well the advantages are:

Its yours, you can let someone else listen to this audiobook. If you get the audiobook on audible or itunes it can only be listened to by you, no-one else.

Its safe, you can back it up somewhere. If your mp3 player, or ipod is damaged you can reload this audiobook to a new mp3 player.

You can convert the audiobook to newer formats like Flac and Ogg

You can play your audiobook on superior open source mp3 players like Rockbox



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