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Rubber Balls and Liquor Gilbert Gottfried Audio Compact Disc

Rubber Balls and Liquor   Gilbert Gottfried   Audio Compact Disc

Rubber Balls and Liquor Gilbert Gottfried Audio Compact Disc

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In the early 1970s, as our nations youth railed against every conceivable societal norm, a funny-looking teenage Jew started turning up at open mike nights in various New York City comedy clubs. Surprisingly, he didnt suck. That funny-looking teenage Jew is now the even funnier-looking middle-aged comedian Gilbert Gottfried, who despite his transparent shortcomings has managed to carve out a hardly-respectable career - and a reputation for shock and awe unrivaled outside the Bush administration. With this scathingly funny book of rants and musings, Gottfried sullies an entirely new medium with his dysfunctional worldview.'One of the most touching, eye-opening historical accounts - one day I may even read it.' - Howie Mandel'This is definitely the loudest book I have ever read. It changed my life. After reading it I decided to go through transgender surgery.' - Bob Saget'Truly the funniest book ever, by one of the funniest guys on the planet!' - Paul Shaffer, musical director, Late Show with David Letterman

This audio book is in CD (Compact Disc) configuration. The Talking Book can be used on CD players while travelling in your car or in your home. These Cds can be swapped to alternative format like mp3 ogg or FLAC. so you can play it on mp3 players like an ipod, iphone, ipad or rockbox enabled audio player. You can listen to these audio books while travelling, driving long distances, on the coach, or weeding the garden.

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