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Joe and Marilyn: A Memory of Love Roger Kahn Audio Compact Disc

Joe and  Marilyn: A Memory of Love   Roger Kahn   Audio Compact Disc

Joe and Marilyn: A Memory of Love Roger Kahn Audio Compact Disc

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He was the most famous and best ballplayer of his generation. She was Americas blonde. They were intense, impassioned lovers, and, long after that, gentle and loving friends. The only thing that didnt work between Joe DiMaggio and Marilyn Monroe was their marriage. Joe & Marilyn is a portrait of DiMaggio, as godlike as his legend on the field, but vulnerable and intensely human off and of a stormy Marilyn of whom it was said, She doesnt need a husband. She needs salvation. After DiMaggio retired from baseball, he saw a publicity photo of Marilyn and his courtship began. She was reluctant to meet him fearing an old, vulgar ballplayer and instead finding a poised and graying man"a little shy, like me"impeccably tailored and financially secure. When they married in 1954, reporters called them Mr. and Mrs. America. But their married life was strained from the start. She was messy. He was compulsively neat. He wanted a certain primness and she liked to show her storied body. The marriage la...

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